Upon arriving, the nicely manicured property welcomes you with a large grass/tree bordered parking area. Inside, the stables are open and airy with high ceilings. Individual box stalls with ash wood half walls and barred uppers provide great ventilation as well as vision throughout the barn. A tack room, washroom and lounge available for boarders provide a private space for tack storage along with a relaxing atmosphere. The 16,000 square feet outdoor sand-riding arena is beautiful with great footing; it boasts terrific lighting for evening riding. Professionally graded and sub-surface drainage maximizes drainage allowing it to be used most times of the year.


Your horse will enjoy their home here at Heritage Stables.  A horse can live ‘a horse’s life’ roaming the 15 plus acres of lush paddocks with a year round supply of fresh water thanks to the plumbed outdoor heated water bowls. Inside the stables are open, spacious and airy allowing horses to see one another throughout the barn. The rubber matted 10’ x 12’ stalls are cleaned and bedded daily.  You horse will enjoy the best hay and individually balanced diet prepared by a certified equine nutritionist.  The good feed and balanced ration shows up in their healthy lustrous coats and ideal body condition.


Rounding off your horse’s life at Heritage Stables, an excellent Ferrier arrives regularly each six to seven weeks for your horses hoof care. Heritage Stables uses the Merrickville Vet Services veterinarians for both regular maintenance health care and, emergency care if ever needed. Location, facilities and care are three very good reasons to consider Heritage Stables for your horse.


Contact us for information and Pricing for Trail Rides, Horse Training and Lessons


Outdoor Board $350     •     Indoor Board $500


Please open “Heritage Stables Boarding Agreement” for more information and pricing.


OVER 18 Risk & Release of Liability
UNDER 18 Risk & Release of Liability


Katy and Jake Drummond 620 Heritage Drive Merrickville ON K0G 1N0 main 613.269.9360 cell 613.229.0759


Katy and Jake Drummond 620 Heritage Drive | Merrickville | ON K0G 1N0 main 613.269.9360 cell 613.229.0759